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Cincoze converts the word “Rugged” into real product specifications, such as fan-less, cable-less, wide operating temperature, high tolerance for shock and vibration.


The rugged mechanical design of Cincoze Embedded Computers can withstand extremes of shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature. The rugged-design concept of Cincoze Embedded Computers also applies in component selection, circuit design, PCB layout, material thermal solutions, critical test criteria, and manufacturing process. Beyond that, high-quality industrial-grade components are adapted to guarantee a steady system operation even in harsh environments.

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Cincoze Fanless Embedded Computers are designed for flexibility across a wide range of applications and focused on reliability, performance, and longevity. They are built with industrial grade components, special heat dissipation, reliable DC power input, power protection and ESD protection to minimize the possibility of failures in harsh environments. As a professional manufacturer of embedded computers, Cincoze’s major goal is to develop safe, sustainable, and reliable solutions. Our full range of products, such as embedded computers is passed rigorous certifications and integrated all sorts of industrial-grade protections to fulfill the evolving industrial market requirements.

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Cincoze’s unique CMI (Combined Multiple I/O), CFM (Control Function Module) and MEC (mPCIe Card) technologies allow users to flexibly expand additional functions according to their specific requirements. The options of add-on modules include M12 PoE, multi-LAN, power ignition sensing and a variety of I/O interfaces. Because of Cincoze’s unique modular design, make the embedded computers enable increasingly popular AIoT, smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation, etc.

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The usage of industrial embedded computers over the last decade has extended into an enormous range of applications. Many of these require more than standard computing functionality; transportation, digital signage, factory automation, POS/KIOSK, surveillance, in-vehicle, medical and many others. By using built-in micro-processors, extended I/O modules, dedicated ASIC and add-on circuit boards, we are able to offer advanced functionalities that makes the required applications easy to apply and ready to run. The target of advanced embedded computers is to be an intelligent and cost-saving solution for the increased demands of today’s market. Our embedded computers are specifically integrated with many application-ready functions, including digital I/O, power ignition, Power over Ethernet, power over serial, RAID, and multi-LAN. By using those ready-to-use functions, it can speed up your application deployment and minimize project development cost.



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