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Rugged Embedded Fanless PC

Rugged Embedded Fanless PC

Cincoze is proud to offer our embedded fanless PCs which are designed to be rugged, fanless and cable free and are subjected to rigorous testing for verification of their suitability to operate under harsh environmental conditions. Cincoze fanless PCs are designed for wide temperature range of -40–70 ℃, shock resistance of 5/50 Grms, and has safety mechanisms such as electrostatic discharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection. All of our fanless PCs are extremely reliable and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

“DIAMOND Series” is our fanless PC product line that includes seven series; High-performance & PCIe Expandable (DS Series), High-performance & Compact (DX Series), High-performance & Basic I/O (DV Series), High-performance & Power-saving (DI Series), Power-efficient & PCIe Expandable (DE Series), Power-efficient & Compact (DC Series) and Power-efficient & Basic I/O (DA Series).
DIAMOND Series a rugged, reliable and comprehensive fanless PC solution for critical industrial environments.
  • DS Series Fanless PC

  • DX Series Fanless PC

  • DV Series Fanless PC

  • DI Series Fanless PC

  • DE Series Fanless PC

  • DC Series Fanless PC

  • DA Series Fanless PC

High-performance & PCIe Expandable (DS Series)|Fanless PC

Cincoze DS Series high-performance fanless embedded PCs, with socket-type Intel® Xeon® or Core™ CPU and two memory sockets up to 64 GB, fulfill all kinds of high-end computing requirements. The DS Series supports a maximum of two PCI/PCIe expansion slots with different combinations of interfaces for expanding all kinds of application add-on cards. Rugged features of the DS Series include wide operating temperature, wide range DC power input (from 9V to 48V), high tolerance of shock and vibration, and high-standard industrial protection. #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer


High-performance & Compact (DX Series)|Fanless PC

Cincoze’s first rugged embedded workstation, DX Series, stands for "Diamond Extreme" and it is an extreme performance and compact workstation powered by Intel Xeon and core processors. This can bring outstanding system performance for high-end applications and a wide range of processors for selection. DX series is the most compact workstation with highly modular design, it supports flexible modular I/O expansion, 2x front accessible HDD trays, and unlimited combinations for space-limited requirements.  #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer

High-performance & Basic Function (DV Series)|Fanless PC

Cincoze's DIAMOND Vital (DV) series is engineered to deliver high performance in a compact footprint computer, retaining the essential I/O and functions of a rugged embedded computer, while delivering powerful edge computing performance for data collection and processing closer to IoT devices. The DV series, powered by an Intel® Core™ processor (TDP 35 to 65 W), is intended for high-performance edge computing for smart manufacturing applications and has excellent performance, features, and reliability for immediate processing and execution. #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer

High-performance & Power-saving (DI Series)|Fanless PC

Cincoze DI Series “DIAMOND Intelligent” embedded systems pack the punch of a high-performance, low-power Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 CPU (TDP 15W) in a lightweight, compact, and fanless extruded aluminum package. The DI Series is ideal for harsh, space-limited applications that demand uncompromised performance, such as factory automation, machine vision, in-vehicle computing, and mobile surveillance. #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer

Power-efficient & PCIe Expandable (DE Series)|Fanless PC

DE Series Fanless Embedded PC integrates with Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor. Delivering the excellent quad-core processing power at only 10 watts power consumption, DE Series is definitely an ideal solution for ultimate computing performance, energy efficiency, and superior reliability. Supporting power ignition function, DE Series meets various applications, such as surveillance, in-vehicle, factory automation and machine automation. #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer

Power-efficient & Compact (DC Series)|Fanless PC

Cincoze DC Series is a power efficient & compact size system designed with onboard low-power Intel® Quad Core processor, rich I/O, a unique expansion capability, and supports wide range (9~48V) DC power input. DC Series is very small and efficient with low power consumption so that is ideal for embedded applications where space is limited. #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer

Power-efficient & Basic Function (DA Series)|Fanless PC

DA series is an ultra-compact size fanless embedded PC powered by Intel® Atom™/Celeron®/Pentium® Processor. This can bring economic advantages on budget and also fulfill the needs for industrial computing tasks. DA series supports Combined Multiple I/O (CMI) interface and modules which are specially designed for flexible I/O expandability; it allows users to extend various I/Os according to their needs.  #Fanless PC #Fanless Computer